June 5 2009

The regular falsification of the historic facts in regard to neighbor
Armenia has failed. The book "Conflicts and wars after the collapse of
USSR" has been republished thanks to efforts of the Armenian community
of Ukraine, particularly information-analytical centre.

In the new edition of the book no falsification of Armenian history
is fixed. As reports, in the preliminary version
of the book its authors, being Ukrainian experts in literature and
historians, have published an article where false information about
Armenia has been presented.

T Y. Bogdanovich, and A. Ya. Manachinsky, the authors of the edition,
have edited the article and then republished the book. "The fact of
the falsification of Armenian history drew a wide response becoming
a subject for deeper attention and researches.

The first operative measures gave results. According to the expert
of ANALITIKA. information-analytical centre, Davit Davtyan,
the cases of history falsifications in the new edition are removed
and the material is written on the basis of objectivity. Anyway,
such a circumstance does not justify the experts, allowed of such a
nonsense", - reports.

Our neighbors naturally accepted the fact with a sorrow and began
raising hysteria over the occurred in the network. Particularly, the
correspondent of hurried to write that the book introduces
information about the Armenian aggression towards Azerbaijani people,
referring to alleged historical fact, that Karabakh has supposedly
belonged to Turkish Azeris and the Azeris have supposedly been the
owner and the host of Karabakh with its mountainous regions.

But is there a limit between the gossip and the lie, dream and
imagination? Let's accept, there are true facts, realities which can
not be cancelled or erased! When some time ago you, Azeris settled
in Armenian historical lands, tried to eliminate Armenian khachkars
(cross-stones), using the material in constructing your pigsties (the
mentioned facts are registered in the territory of Nagorno Karabakh),
the history is not denied due to your deeds. After a little delay
the authors of the book have finally understood this.

By the way many libraries of the country have not got the republished
version of the book yet. And according to experts from
Information-Analytical Centre the right decision of the matter is the
retaking the first edition of the book by the authors request. Expert
Davit Davtyan has underlined that IAC will afterwards
follow the cases of the falsification of Armenian history in order
to prevent fact distortion and provide objective scientific research
of the history.

Visiting the website of one van makes sure that the
center is really counteracting the anti-Armenian propaganda.