Siranush Muradyan

30.06.2009 15:47

Summing up the summer session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the
Council of Europe, head of the Armenian delegation to PACE David
Harutyunyan said the issue of Armenia will hardly be discussed at the
fall session of the Assembly unless there are unexpected developments
in the country.

David Harutyunyan predicts that Armenia will remain under monitoring
like 11 other Council of Europe member states.

According to the Head of the Armenian delegation, in Res. 1677
the Assembly welcomed the amendments to the Electoral Code and the
amnesty. However, it expressed regret for the dissolution of the
fact-finding group, expressing hope that the ad hoc parliamentary
commission will do what the group did not manage to do.

The Head of the Armenian delegation noted that all their suggestions
were accepted. "All our suggestions were accepted, which is the result
of diligent work. Nothing falls from the sky," he said.

In response to Zaruhi Postanjyan's accusations, David Harutynyan
said he had not signed any document presented by Azerbaijan. Besides,
he had no intention to have the page of March 1 closed.