MAY 31, 2010

YEREVAN, MAY 31, ARMENPRESS: Armenian National Archive has digitalized
more than 400 films. Director of the National Archive Amatuni Virabyan
said the digitalization process has been launched from the beginning
of 2009. Before that necessary French equipment had been brought and
testing works have been implemented. French specialists arrived in
Armenia and presented to the local specialists how the equipment works.

A. Virabyan said the equipment gives an opportunity to digitalize
even the tapes which are considered flammable and negative. By now
these materials have not been viewed. Archive is periodically filled
with new materials.

The National Archive is collecting 8mm tape amateur camera family
films. The owners of those family films which are of Armenia's
cultural, historic importance and are recorded on tapes and are
presented to the National Archive get the DVD variants of the films.

A. Virabyan noted that many people have films recorded with amateur
cameras which include trustworthy information about different issues.

Until now few people responded in connection with provision of
materials but the process goes on.

From: A. Papazian