Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

The Armenian National Committee - Political Action Committee issued
an announcement late last week on the upcoming mid-term Congressional
elections, slated for November 2, describing it as an Armenian-American
referendum on President Barack Obama's broken pledge to recognize the
Armenian Genocide. We present the complete text of the statement below.

May 27, 2010

As we approach what promises to be among the most competitive mid-term
Congressional elections in recent memory, it's increasingly clear to
the Armenian National Committee PAC (ANC-PAC) and all Armenian American
leadership groups that voters of Armenian heritage see November 2nd,
first and foremost, as a referendum on President Obama's broken pledge
to recognize the Armenian Genocide.

There is today, among Armenian Americans at the leadership and
grassroots levels, a growing sense of anger at having been lied to by
the President and, fairly or unfairly, an equally strong feeling of
frustration with a Democratic Congress whose leadership has failed to
deliver the results it has been promising to our community for decades.

As a result, Armenian Americans are eager - perhaps more so than any
other single ethnic constituency - to hold the President accountable,
not only for breaking his promises or for actively opposing foreign
policy issues of special concern to Armenian Americans, but also for
demonstrating an open disregard for the civic participation of the
very same Armenian American community that he courted so aggressively
as a candidate.

Even as we encourage Armenian Americans to vote based on the actual
track records of each individual candidate - Democratic or Republican -
we are today operating within a strongly anti-incumbent U.S.

political environment and a grassroots Armenian American constituency
that is powerfully motivated to send a very direct message to
Washington this November.

November 2nd will clearly be an Armenian American referendum on
President Obama. How that referendum turns out - and its impact on
the Congressional election - will depend on whether President Obama,
in the weeks leading up to Election Day, decides to revisit his broken
pledge and honor his commitments to Armenian American voters. The
choice is his. We, and the community we represent, will be watching.

The ANC-PAC is a non-partisan federally registered political action
committee established to support campaign committees for Members of
Congress who share the values of the Armenian American community. The
ANC-PAC is at the forefront of efforts to ensure that the voice of the
Armenian American community is clearly heard in our nation's capital.

The ANC-PAC continues a century old tradition of Armenian American
engagement on the public policy issues facing national political
leaders, both in the U.S. Congress and the White House. For more
information, you may logon to

From: A. Papazian