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June 1 2010

Armenian Iranist Goar Iskanderian suggests that NATO is interested
in having a presence in the South Caucasus in order to resolve
the Karabakh conflict but Armenia is a member of the CIS and its
Collective Security Treaty, therefore NATO can only get involved in
Karabakh problem regulation if Russia accepts this. Moreover, Iran
is totally against extra players entering the region, as it says
regional problems should be solved by regional states.

The analyst thinks that if any peacekeeping forces are deployed in
the conflict zone Iran will be against these being either NATO or
Collective Security Treaty forces, preferring UN peacekeepers. This
would be acceptable to all UN member countries.

In a response to a statement by the NATO Secretary General that the
alliance is not being included in conflict resolution issues Armenia's
President Serzh Sarkisian did not exclude NATO participation in the
resolution of the Karabakh conflict. Such inclusion is possible if
a military confrontation occurs, he said. He added that the Karabakh
problem is discussed by the OSCE Minsk Group, which is involved not
only in the resolution of the problem itself but normalising bilateral
relations between the conflicting countries.

Sarkisian said that NATO is responsible for the security of Europe
as a whole as Europe has no collective armed forces apart from NATO.

However he made it clear that his words should not be construed as
an invitation to NATO to enter the region.

From: A. Papazian