JUNE 1, 2010

YEREVAN, JUNE 1, ARMENPRESS: Joint exams have launched today in Armenia
and Nagorno Karabakh. The first day of examination was organized in
the subjects of "Biology", "General History" and "Geography".

One thousand 763 applicants have applied for taking a joint exam in
"Biology", 512 - for "General History" and 329 - for "Geography". For
the examination of these subjects 15 examination centers operate in
Armenia and in the NKR on the whole.

Today a joint examination in "Biology" is being conducted in Yerevan
N 20 School after J. Kirakosyan. Director of the Assessment and
Testing Center (ATC) Gurgen Khachatryan said that the number of
those giving examination has decreased compared with the last year,
instead of nearly 19 thousand applicants of the last year this year
about 17 thousand juniors have wished to enter a higher educational

The examination conditions have become stricter this year; in case
of finding a mobile phone the organizers can invite the applicants
out from the exam room putting a bad mark. While the exam work of
the previous years was assessed non-sufficient after 3 remarks.

Applicants will know about the results of today's exams during two
days, after which during 24 hours they can present their appeals in
case of being discontent with the mark. According to the director of
the ATC, the form of the appeal has a bit changed this year; applicants
must mention why they complain - on technical or content issues,
and the re-checking of the exam work will be implemented on its basis.

G. Khachatryan considered the only flaw in the examination center
placed in N 20 School the start of the examination with a delay of 20
minutes, but it will not influence on the 3 hours given for the exam,
and the exam will last 20 minutes longer than intended.

Varduhi Piliposyan, head of the examination center, said that here
the examination was intended for 340 applicants, but 13 absents were
registered. In case of giving valid reasons those applicants can take
exam in an additional round of the joint exams.

The next joint exam will be organized June 4 in "Armenian Language
and Literature" subject.

From: A. Papazian