2010-06-01 13:23:00

ArmInfo. Ucom Internet Provider Company has opened a service office
in Davidashen community in Yerevan (Tigran Petrosyan Street 25/5).

Hayk Yesayan, Ucom Director General, says the company is currently
working to connect Arabkir and Kanaker-Zeytun communities to the Ucom
subscriber net.

"We want to launch activity in various districts of the city in order
potential subscribers have an opportunity to get familiar with our
telecommunication services: Broadband Internet and IP-Television,"
Yesayan says.

Ucom provides broadband Internet, digital television and fixed-line
telephony. In summer months subscribers connected to Internet will
be provided with IP-television free of charge for a period of month
and the vice versa.

"We wanted to make a present to our subscribers and introduce our
new solutions, specifically the digital television service. We
demonstrate users the possibilities of digital communication on
TV-sets and explain how to use them. This service is a surprise
for many people who traditionally perceive TV-broadcasting as a
non-reversible linear motion. Now TV-viewers will get an opportunity
to manage the broadcasting, for instance, to reverse it," Yesayan says.

The company also plans to enhance the fixed-line telephony network.

Ucom serves nearly 2.5 thousand subscribers at present.Olaf
Parasiewicz, regional manager of Ericsson Company, which is the
technical partner of Ucom, says certain trends of Internet market
development are currently observed in Armenia. "We are working
with operators who develop the local market and ready to offer them
up-to-date equipment," he says.

From: A. Papazian