Aysor, Armenia
June 26 2010

Modern ashoughs perform a concert

Modern ashoughs (bards) will perform a concert in Aram Khachatryan
Concert Hall on July 1. Concert organizer, Sayat-Nova Ashough Song
Ensemble Art Director, singer Tovmas Poghosyan told a press conference
mentioning that the concert is called `Present-day Ashoughs.'

The concert is organized by the Armenian Ministry of Culture and
Sayat-Nova Ashough Song Ensemble. Concert instrumental part director
is Merited Artist of Armenia, composer Artem Khachatur.

`Attending the concert you will see what expectations people have from
the concert, whether the halls are crowded or empty,' T. Poghosyan
said in response to the question of whether ashough art is of much
demand n society.

T. Poghosyan is convinced that Armenian society needs ashough art,
however, state and cultural policy is needed to organize concerts and
make ashough art more popular in Armenia.

`Jivani was said to be the last Armenian ashough in the 19th century,
Sheram at the beginning of the 20th century, but in the early 20th
century we had three giants ` Havasi, Ashot, Shahen and many other
talented ashoughs, though there were again people thinking that
ashough art passed away and Havasi, Ashot and Shahen are the last
ashoughs,' T. Poghosyan said speaking of future possibilities of
ashough art development adding:

`Our people knows that there are ashoughs with popular songs today, we
also have ashoughs of young generation ` the future of Armenian
ashough art.'

The singer also noted that, for instance, Jivani Ashough School has 200 pupils.

From: A. Papazian