Trend, Azerbaijan
June 21 2010

Knesset member: Knesset Arab members to vote against recognition of
'Armenian genocide'

Azerbaijan, Baku, June 21 / Trend R. Hafizoglu /

Arab members of Israel's parliament voted against the adoption of the
resolution on the so-called "Armenian genocide", Knesset member from
the Arab bloc - the National Democratic Union Hanin Zoabi said.

"Arab MPs will unanimously oppose the adoption of this document [on
the Armenian genocide]," Zoabi told Trend over phone.

The Committee on Foreign Relations and Defense of Knesset intends to
put on the agenda the document on the recognition of the "Armenian
genocide" in the Israeli parliament. It was submitted to the
parliament in late April at the initiative of the Left parties.

"Genocide" will be discussed amid a strong crisis in relations between
Turkey and Israel, intensified after the Israeli navy attack on the
Turkish humanitarian ship, moving as a part of the "Freedom Flotilla"
to the Mediterranean Sea. Eight Turkish citizens and one U.S. citizen
were injured.

Zoabi thinks that the question of "genocide" must not be discussed in
the Israeli Parliament. It relates only to Turkey and must be
investigated by historians.

Knesset MP, who took part in the action of "Flotilla", thinks that
Israel wants to distract attention of the world community from recent
events around the "Freedom Flotilla", putting the issue of "genocide"
for discussion.

"Instead of discussing the genocide, Israel should investigate the
murder of civilians. If the genocide is brought up for discussion, all
the Arab MPs will oppose the adoption of the document," Zoabi said.

Armenia and the Armenian lobby claim that the predecessor of Turkey -
Ottoman Empire had committed the 1915 genocide against the Armenians
living in Anadolu. The Armenians, willing the recognition of this fact
in the world, achieved recognition of the "Armenian genocide" by the
parliaments of some countrues, by strengthening the propaganda of the
so-called "genocide" in the world countries.

From: A. Papazian