Georgian Authorities Restart Policy of Relocation Adjar Eco-Migrants to Javakhk
[ 2010/06/25 | 16:48 ]

The authorities in Georgia have once again started to relocate
eco-migrants from Adjara to Javakhk. According to the Georgian press,
14 families from the Khulo region of Adjara were recently given houses
in the village of Gorelovka in the Ninotsminda (formerly Bogdanovka)
region. Around 50 families, relocated from the mountainous regions of
Adjara, currently reside in Gorelovka

The policy of relocating Adjars to regions in Georgia populated by
Armenians is a clear move to change the ethnic and demographic profile
of the country. This process is in direct violation of article 16 of
the European Framework Convention for the Protection of National
Minorities (which Georgia signed on 22 December 2005). This states
that signatory states should avoid steps that would lead to a change
in the demographics of the population in regions where ethnic
minorities reside.

The Yerkir Union has appealed to the Armenian authorities as well as
diplomatic bodies in Georgia to respond immediately to this attempt by
the Georgian authorities to violate the rights of the Armenians of
Javakhk and to cease the process of relocating ethnic Adjars to this

From: A. Papazian