A week past the border incident on June 18, Serge Sargsyan visited
Karabakh and met with the wounded soldiers. Earlier he had managed to
finish his semi-cultural visit to Saint Petersburg, his visit to
Germany, opened FIDE's grand prix tournament in Jermuk, found out the
situation of future tourism in Jermuk. In fact, all these things were
considered as more important than Karabakh, the events that happened
there, the killed and wounded soldiers. Generally, Serge Sargsyan
seems to have an interesting tactics. For instance, during the
Georgian-Russian war Armenia appears in blockade, and food and fuel
crisis starts, while Serge Sargsyan remains in Beijing and watches the
summer Olympics.

What strategy or political behavior is this? Is this indifference,
carelessness or simply demonstrative presence of mind, firmness,
display of self-confidence? Maybe Serge Sargsyan is thereby trying to
prevent panic. On the whole, however, the citizens tend to think this
is not proper. For instance, the citizen cannot understand how the
head of state can watch the Olympic Games while the country is on the
verge of food crisis. Or the citizen cannot understand how the head of
state can celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Armenian community in
Sanct Petersburg when the country has been attacked, five soldiers
were killed, and several others are wounded. By the way, the citizen
similarly cannot understand how the head of state laughs heartily when
the Turkish national team scores the Armenian national team.

Perhaps this way of thinking of the Armenian citizens is too narrow
for Serge Sargsyan's outlook and perception. Maybe the citizens are
selfishly demanding that the president be beside them every minute,
especially in times of danger. Meanwhile, they do not understand that
it is impossible, and it is not always useful for the citizens when
the president is beside them. In most cases, it would be better if the
president were far from them.

For instance, this tactics is often used in times war when the
commander departs from the troops, diverts the enemy, enabling the
soldiers to escape from siege. Obviously, the tactical training of the
citizens of Armenia is insufficient, therefore they often cannot
understand the actions of the head of state properly and consider the
actions as improper.

And since now the issue of the system of education is urgent, maybe it
is worthwhile to think about introducing something useful in the
syllabuses of secondary schools to fill in this gap.

14:12:54 - 25/06/2010

From: A. Papazian