, Azerbaijan
June 25 2010

Armenians must 'observe norms of international law'
Fri 25 June 2010 | 08:10 GMT Text size:

Thorbjorn Jagland The Council of Europe considers the soonest return
of the Azerbaijani soldier who died on the Armenian side of the
contact line to be important.

According to Council of Europe Secretary-General Thorbjorn Jagland,
Armenians must observe norms of international law.

'The requirements of the international law include not only the return
of hostages but also the killed people. I am not quite familiar with
the incident but I read news in mass media. Today it is important to
ensure tranquility and everyone should calm down.

I urge both countries to restore peace, since this is their
responsibility assumed while joining the Council of Europe. The main
task today is to prevent development of tensions and repetition of
armed conflicts', the CE secretary general said.


From: A. Papazian