Foreign language schools give birth to`love for foreign languages

`Who says that we are against the foreign language, for God's sake, go
and learn as many languages as you want. It is even very important to
learn the language of the rivaling country. But you shouldn't do that
instead of your mother tongue,' said Hovhannes Saroyan and added that
the important thing is not the amount of schools but the pupils.

`Such schools will give birth to a bigger polarization effect," the
speaker thinks, reasoning that the reopening of the foreign schools
will ruin the bases of our language. He also thinks that the reopening
of the foreign language schools brings to `love for foreign
languages, which has no limits'.

To the question why the state inspection of language is not showing an
adequate reaction to the changes and amendments in the `Law on
Language' and `the law on public education' H. Saroyan answered, `no
one is on its place.'

`Everyone should be on his place, but it is not like that, the real
expert is being dismissed and the fellows or relatives take the place.

June 24, 2010

From: A. Papazian