June 1 2011

The Azerbaijani Diaspora members in the US have started a new campaign.

The Azerbaijani Diaspora members in the US have started a new campaign
by sending hundreds of letter to the Congress members and local media
regarding the recent Medicare health insurance fraud by Armenian mafia.

"In May 2011, Arsen Bedzhanyan and Sargis Tadevosyan were arrested
by US Secret Service and the West Virginia State Police in connection
to Medicare fraud in West Virginia", the letters inform.

"On February 16, 2011 nearly 100 criminals of Armenian Power gang in
Los Angeles, CA, Miami, FL and Denver, CO, arresting 74 individuals
on charges of racketeering, bank fraud schemes, identity theft,
kidnappings and drug trafficking".

According to the authors, the criminals have used credit card skimming
tools and fraudulent checks to steal credit and debit card information
and empty accounts of hundreds of customers of retail stores; conducted
a mega-fraud scheme targeting bank accounts of elderly US citizens
causing losses of over US $10 million.

"This is the third time in less than a year when Armenian-American
criminal groups have been busted for defrauding the government,
businesses and specifically elderly citizens. In October 2010, FBI,
IRS and local law enforcement agencies arrested 52 ethnic Armenians
across the US in an attempt of stealing $163 million from Medicaid",
the letters remind adding, "this is not the first case of fraud by
Armenian gangsters in the US, nor is it the biggest. Just two years
ago, in 2008, some 6 Armenians were indicted by the FBI on a US
$2m fraud case. In 1999, we were all shocked to learn that Armenian
criminals defrauded Medi-Cal (that's California's Medicaid) of US
$1 billion. That's one billion dollars! That's by far the largest
medical fraud case in the history of the world".

"Nevertheless, we as a nation keep providing massive annual financial
aid to Armenia and to the criminal regime in Nagorno-Karabakh. This
must stop!" say the Azeri Diaspora members. "We should not allow
Armenian criminals to easily come into the US and cheat us out of
our money, whilst enjoying a safe-heaven back in Armenia, under the
protection of the president of the country, who in turn takes our
aid dollars and then ships weapons to kill our soldiers in Iraq".

"As US taxpayers, we are very much concerned about fraud, racketeering
and taking advantage of our elderly citizens and call on you to be
wary about financial aid to Armenian government linked to Armenian
fraudsters in US and ask you to increase the funding for our law
enforcement agencies instead".

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress