June 01, 2011

The Orinats Yerkir Party (OYK) supports the policy of the Armenian
President on the resolution of the Karabakh conflict.

"The conflict should be settled only through peaceful talks. Mutual
acceptable concessions are better than reckless confrontation.

Concession means that both sides concede something," OYK MP Hovhannes
Margaryan told a news conference on June 1.

"I do not believe that someone in Armenia can cede the liberated
territories and I know that our people are ready to protect these
lands. I want to see the person who is going to cede them. Any
statement about these territories is an empty talk if it is made
by someone who is in no way connected to them," said Heritage MP
Larisa Alaverdyan.

The Heritage MP is negative about the policy on Nagorno Karabakh
pursued by all three Presidents of Armenia.

"I do not support their stance on the Karabakh issue and I think that
they made a gross error which today unites the opposition Armenian
National Congress and the authorities," said Alaverdyan.

"Glory and honor to the person who will be able to solve the Karabakh
conflict through a peaceful way, making it the property of NKR and
Armenian people," Margaryan said without giving any names.

Larisa Alaverdyan does not think that the other political forces will
be left out of political processes as a result of a dialogue between
the authorities and opposition.

"I respect people who side with this or that political force but they
mustn't split the field," she said.

Margaryan hailed the dialogue between the authorities and opposition,
saying that the dialogue is advantageous to people.

"Jealousy" is not a political category. We are not jealous of any
political force as our leader is a literate, erudite and sophisticated
person who deserves all honors," he said.

Speaking about snap elections, the OYK representative said he does
not see legal or political grounds for extraordinary elections while
the Heritage MP said it has become a bad habit to speak about early

"Even if it happens, it will not be the result of dialogue," she said.