Thursday, May 26th, 2011

The new Pasadena Armenian Center

PASADENA-The new Pasadena Armenian Center on Foothill Boulevard
will be celebrated on June 12 at a ribbon cutting ceremony marking
the official opening of the community center. The ribbon cutting
ceremony will bring together a diverse cross-section of the community,
religious leaders, and public officials who believe in the mission
of the Pasadena Armenian Center - which is to serve as a home to a
new generation of Armenian Americans. The ribbon cutting ceremony is
open to the public and will be held at 4pm at the center, which is
situated at 2242 East Foothill Boulevard.

With a sports facility and a variety of modern conference rooms, the
Pasadena Armenian Center is a welcome addition to serve the growing
needs of the local Armenian American community. The center is home to
a variety of organizations, including the Armenian Youth Federation
and hundreds of Homenetmen scouts and athletes who use the facility
on a daily basis.

"The future demands that we build a strong center today," remarked
the Hilda Saliba, chair of the Pasadena Armenian Center committee
leading the effort for the ribbon cutting ceremony. "The new Pasadena
Armenian Center has, very quickly, become a magnet for hundreds
of young Armenian Americans in our community. With a multi-faceted
center we will build an even stronger community. So that is why our
ribbon cutting ceremony on June 12th will be such a special event,"
Saliba added.

The theme of the ribbon cutting ceremony will focus on the role of
individuals and families in providing the building blocks to create
a better and strong Armenian center in Pasadena. By attending the
ribbon cutting ceremony, individuals and families will send a decisive
message that they believe in investing in their community's future.

Those present at the ribbon cutting ceremony on June 12th can be
confident that the community center will deliver dividends in the
years to come in the form of a new generation of proud and active
Armenian Americans. The Pasadena Armenian Center has served to attract
individuals who have not previously been involved in community affairs
and those who have not been active in years.

The mission of the Pasadena Armenian Center is to serve the dynamic
and diverse Armenian American community in the City of Pasadena. A
number of distinguished community organizations are based out of the
Pasadena Armenian Center. These organizations include, but are not
limited to, the Armenian Youth Federation "Nigol Touman" Chapter,
the Armenian Relief Society "Sosse" Chapter, the Hamazkayin "Shahan
Shahnour" Chapter, the Homenetmen "Azadamard" Chapter, and the Armenian
Cultural Foundation, among others. Additional information regarding
the Pasadena Armenian Center, situated at 2242 East Foothill Boulevard,
can be secured by visiting the center's Facebook page or by bv visiting
their website.

From: Baghdasarian