Story from News:
Published: 12:18:41 - 16/06/2011

It's the second year since the ex-prime minister of Armenia Armen
Sargsyan and Prince Charles of the United Kingdom have held fundraising
events for the program entitled Yerevan My Love. The goal of the
program is to preserve the historical and cultural heritage of Yerevan.

I wonder if Prince Charles who is trying to sponsor Yerevan My Love
knows that the chief architect of Yerevan Narek Sargsyan also loves
Yerevan. And does he know about the expressions which that love has
had and continues to have?

Has Prince Charles been exposed to what was done to Yerevan in the
past 5 or 6 years? I think the prince should visit Yerevan to see
what especially he loves about Yerevan.

The initiative is good indeed, it is even touching that a member of
the royal family of one of the great powers of the world cares about
the capital of a state which hardly occupies 29 thousand square km.

However, it may look too artificial when the representatives of the
government who attend the ceremonies held under the aegis of the prince
get back to Yerevan and agree, in writing or orally, to projects which
distort the architectural concept of the city and destroy green parks.

There is no need to save the history of Yerevan, As a city, Yerevan
does not even have a proper history. Moreover, for the past decades
it has been in a constant search for its future as a city. However,
it fails to find its future because those who assume the operation
of this "search engine" under beautiful titles and declarations are
in reality in the quest for the welfare of their present. Today,
more than its past and present, Yerevan has a problem of becoming a
real city, an urban system, with urban culture and thinking, where
everyone who moves in should obey the urban rules rather than bring
along their own rules.

Meanwhile, we are used to smearing responsibility for the past,
present and future under the artificial worship of history.

Yesterday's Yerevan or Yerevan of 1970s or Yerevan of 1980s are but
episodes of search rather than history. Yerevan has been regularly
looking for its image, its future, and has never found it.

Perhaps this is the key issue of Yerevan. And the solution of the
problem is complicated because everyone imposes on Yerevan whatever
they want, and as time passes, there is more and more rubbish, and
it is becoming more and more difficult to clear this rubbish.