Story from Lragir.am News:
Published: 20:45:18 - 21/06/2011

The NKR foreign minister Georgy Petrosyan said in a news conference
for the reporters of Georgia, Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Armenia and
Karabakh that the main issue of Karabakh is its actual recognition. As
to the talks, he says to be aware of the process in the present stage
of which Karabakh does not participate.

"Karabakh has voiced its stance that no settlement can be reached
without it. I think it thereby influences the process," said the
foreign minister. He said the Karabakh side has announced for a number
of times about the necessity of participation of Karabakh in the talks,
from the very beginning. "One thing is obvious, the international
documents concerning Karabakh which were adopted mentioned NKR as
a conflict party. And if as a conflict side we had the possibility
to stop the war and sign under it, we have the right to build our
future, peaceful future. This fact has not been ruled out which is
one of the arguments of our stance."

In answer to the question on the principles which were reported by
the press to be adopted in Kazan, the NKR minister said, "I don't
think that they are worth viewing as a document because it is clearly
mentioned in that information that they are dated to 2007. Since
then a lot of time has passed. Secondly, we have clearly expressed
our stance on this to the co-chairs."

The minister also announced that they are ready to discuss all the
issues with Azerbaijan at the table of negotiations, including the
territories and the return of refugees but on equal conditions.

"Karabakh must solve all the issues concerning its destiny in all
specters," he announced.