Thursday, May 31, 14:05

Armenian servicemen participated in the Cooperative Longbow-Lancer
2012 exercises conducted in the capital of the Former Yugoslav Republic
of Macedonia, Skopje, as part of NATO Partnership for Peace project.

Accordign to, servicemen from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Austria,
Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYR of Macedonia, Georgia, Italy,
Spain, Kazkahstan, Moldova, Serbia, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, USA and
Montenegro participated in the exercises at the at training centers
"Pepeliste" and "Strela".

Over 450 people participated in the practical exercises. Actions of
the multi-nation battalion in peacemaking operations were developed.

The total number of the participants was nearly 1100 people.

Participation of Armenian peacekeepers in similar cooperative
exercises is intended to improve collective land exercise capacity
of the Armenian armed forces, as well as development of interaction
with international security organization, as well as combat readiness.

From: A. Papazian