May 31, 2012 | 00:04

ANKARA. - Hasip Kaplan, vice president of Peace and Democracy Party's
parliamentary group, which is the only Kurdish Party in the Turkish
Parliament, met with a group of Armenian and Turkish reporters.

As the correspondent of Armenian News-NEWS.am reports from Ankara,
Kaplan announced that there used to be an Armenian village near
his own village. But because of clashes between the armed Kurds and
Turkish security forces in the 90's the Armenians had to leave.

"Erdogan's Justice and Development Party has majority in the
parliament. It took the judicial system in its own hands. The party
has turned into a nationalist and fascist party," Kaplan said.

Commenting on an Armenian reporter's question what sense it made to
be in the parliament if they cannot affect the legislation Kaplan
said that they have broken several taboos in the Turkish Parliament
speaking about forbidden issues, for example the Armenian Question.

Commenting on the notion that Turkey has registered democratic progress
as ten years ago a Kurdish MP would not be able to talk to Armenian
reporters in the Turkish Parliament Kaplan said: "10 years ago we
would talk in calmer conditions. Nothing has changed in Turkey."

Months ago Kaplan was involved in an incident which was on the front
pages of the Turkish media for a long time. Hasip Kaplan not being
able to stand the insult of ruling Justice and Development Party
member broke a glass of water on the parliament tribune and threw
the glass pieces on the ruling party MP sitting in front of him.