Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Dr. Melik Ghassemian at the newly renovated dormitory with Artsakh
University President, AEF Board member Neshan Peroomian and Artsakh
Minister of Education

GLENDALE-The Armenian Educational foundation announced that Dr. Albert
Melik Ghassemian of Boston donated $34,000 to fund the renovation
of two Artsakh village schools and $200,000 toward the renovation of
the Artsakh State University dormitory.

Artsakh State University students and faculty celebrated the opening
of the renovated dormitory building on May 10. In attendance were
Artsakh government officials, AEF board members, and the generous
benefactor of the project, Dr. Ghassemian.

Dr. Ghassemian's contribution allowed AEF to renovate four floors
of the dormitory. The renovation of the fourth and fifth floors
were completed and presented during the opening celebration. The
renovation of the second and third floors will be finished this
summer. In addition to funding the renovation of the dormitory,
Dr. Ghassemian also helped provide the furnishings for each room,
plus two kitchenettes on each floor.

Dr. Melik Ghassemian with university students

During the opening celebrations, the University President and Minister
of Education presented Dr. Ghassemian with an honorary doctorate degree
from Artsakh State University. Dr. Ghassemian, a renowned cardiologist
and a member of the Dean's Advisory Board at Boston University School
of Medicine, offered philanthropic support for future projects at
Artsakh State University. Dr. Ghassemian also took the time to answer
questions from students and inquired about their daily life at the
university and their involvement in its educational programs.

In an interview with a local newspaper, Dr. Ghassemian stated that
the renovation project was dear to his heart because his grandparents
were born in Artsakh, and that the experience brought him closer to
his Armenian heritage.

The dormitory renovation project was led by AEF Board Member, Neshan
Peroomian, who for the past ten years has personally interviewed
and selected contractors and overseen each renovation project. This
renovation project raises the total number of renovated schools in
Armenia, Artsakh and Javakhk by the Armenian Educational Foundation
to over 177 schools.

AEF, as always, spends 100 percent of the funds received by its
donors towards the project the donors are sponsoring. "We are very
grateful to Dr. Ghassemian for his very generous donation," stated
AEF President Hermineh Pakhanians. "It is because of the generosity
of individuals like Dr. Ghassemian that AEF has for over 61 years
been able to provide financial assistance to Armenian students and
educational institutions." In 2011, AEF allocated more than $445,000
for numerous educational projects including: renovation of schools,
scholarships, computers and school supplies to village schools in
Armenia and Artsakh.

For more information or donation, please contact the AEF office at
(818) 242-4154 or email [email protected]

From: Baghdasarian