"When Lusine things "Saint-saint" angels descend in Holy See and
glorify God for singing and for the talent gifted to her," Supreme
Patriarch of All Armenians Vazgen I used to say about Lusine Zakaryan.

Today the renowned Armenians soprano, People's Artist of Soviet
Armenia Lusine Zakaryan would mark her 75th anniversary.

Lusine Zakaryan was born in 1937, in Akhaltsikhe, Georgian SSR.

Zakaryan died in 30 December 1992.

In 1952 she moved with her family to Yerevan, where she attended
a secondary music school. She entered the Yerevan State Musical
Conservatory in 1957. From 1970 to 1983 Zakaryan was a soloist with
the symphony orchestra of Armenian TV and Radio.

She also sang in the choir of theArmenian Apostolic Church's Holy
See at the Echmiadzin Cathedral, and it is for her magnificent
rendition of centuries-old Armenian spiritual hymns that she is now
most remembered for.