The coalition has divorced creating a situation when the uncertainties
and doubts not only failed to fade away but still exist, chairman
of the Union of Political Scientists Hmayak Hovhannissyan said,
assessing the post-electoral situation in the country.

He said the parliamentary elections were to predict the result of the
presidential elections, while the question continues being intriguing.

The political scientist said the main issue of the coalition was
to specify whether the coalition memorandum's clause on supporting
the incumbent president will be brought into life or not. "If a new
coalition was formed with the Prosperous Armenia party the core of it
was to be the support of the incumbent president at the 2013 elections,
while the other issues were secondary. But this issue was not solved
either. Tsarukyan's statement did not contain a point showing PAP's
stance for the presidential elections," he said.

As one of possible variants, Hmayak Hovhannissyan noted the possibility
of PAP's support to Serzh Sargsyan's candidacy.

He also said that if during the presidential elections the PAP
nominates its own candidate it will be done either in a soft or
hard ways. In the first case, the political analyst said Oskanian's
candidacy will be nominated with the result of this fight being
predictable. In the second case Robert Kocharyan's candidacy will be
nominated with the tough struggle to follow.

Hmayak Hovhannisyan said the three variants are equally possible.