Story from News:
Published: 10:37:41 - 01/06/2012

MP Vartan Oskanian, PAP, met with the EU Special Representative
Philippe Lefort visiting Armenia. The official press release on this
meeting notes that the key issue of the meeting was the conflict of
Nagorno-Karabakh and the role of the European Union in it.

The ex-foreign minister Vartan Oskanian criticizes the government's
policy on Karabakh. Since 2008 Vartan Oskanian has made several
observations on this policy, stating that Armenia lowered the bar
after the presidency of Robert Kocharyan.

Now this circumstance is interesting because Vartan Oskanian is
no longer an individual but a member of the parliamentary group
of Prosperous Armenia. Hence, the question occurs whether Vartan
Oskanian's disagreement with the government on Karabakh is the
disagreement of Prosperous Armenia Party. Does PA believe in the
approach of Vartan Oskanian on Karabakh which means that it will
oppose Serzh Sargsyan's approach?

This is interesting because so far PA's positions on foreign policy
and the Karabakh issue have been based on declarative, general and
trite wording. In fact, these issues did not exist for the party and
its leader or they were considered as Serzh Sargsyan's "prerogative".

Now that Vartan Oskanian is in Prosperous Armenia, PA will either
have to silence Oskanian or act as a rostrum for the expression of
his points of view as a party which has the second large parliamentary
group after the RPA.

This is also interesting because of the important influence of the
Karabakh issue on domestic affairs. For instance, the famous coalition
memorandum of 17 February 2011 signed to support Serzh Sargsyan was
explained by the PA leader as a response to the external challenges
which require unity. A few days after it, on March 5, the next meeting
of the presidents of Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan on Karabakh would
take place.

What will the PA do if Serzh Sargsyan again warns about serious
challenges in Karabakh, and Tsarukyan has to support him, keep to
unity and solidarity?

Will PA again support Serzh Sargsyan, considering the Karabakh issue
as Sargsyan's "prerogative" or will it state this time that some
challenges result from Serzh Sargsyan's policy so he must leave for
PA to come and try to change the situation and raise the "bar" about
which Vartan Oskanian has been speaking so far?