7 June, 2012

YEREVAN, JUNE 7, ARMENPRESS: In order to provide financial assistance
to Armenian schools in Syria, the Armenian Relief Society Central
Executive Board formed the "Fund for Assistance to Syrian-Armenian
Schools', reports Armenpress citing Asbarez.

"There is no doubt," declared ARS Central Executive Board Member,
Zepure E. Reisian, "that the unfortunate incidents unraveling in Syria
have disrupted the community's normal course of life. The ARS Central
Executive Board believes that securing the undisturbed continuity
of school life is the best guarantee of maintaining the normalcy of
daily existence for Armenian youngsters."

As further explanation of the nature of the Fund, Mrs. Vicky
Marashlian, Chairperson of the ARS Central Executive Board, noted
that a while back the Society recognized that, as a consequence of
the events in Syria, the Armenian Community may suffer social and
financial instability. After deliberation, the Central Executive Board
concluded that the best approach for the ARS would be to concentrate on
helping the Syrian-Armenian schools by allotting funds for "tuitions
to needy students", thus alleviating both the financial burden on
needy Syrian-Armenian families, and, at the same time, promoting the
continuity of the educational mission of the schools.

"The decision of the Central Executive Board to come up with such a
Fund is indeed laudable," stated Anna Der Hagopian, Chairperson of
ARS Syria. "The economic crisis battering the country has inevitably
affected the Armenian community as well, and the number of families
and scholarship recipients receiving aid from the ARS Syria social
services has doubled over the past year. We are confident that until
next September, the ARS family will make every possible effort to
assist to the maximum the Syrian-Armenian educational institutions,
thus helping the community itself. We have no doubt, also, that
Armenian communities worldwide, alongside the global ARS entities,
will come to our assistance in other needs as they arise until we
finally come out of this crisis," concluded Der Hagopian.