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June 23, 2012 Saturday

Armenia, Yerevan and regions(marzes) : Support to democratic
governance in Armenia

Project Start : 05/2012
Project End : 11/2012
Location : Armenia, Yerevan and regions(marzes)

EU Contribution: 191,170.00 (100% of total).
Scope : The general objective of this assignment is to support the EU
Delegation to Armenia in the design and preparation of the envisaged
project to support the civil society and media to engage in democratic
governance in Armenia. The specific objectives of this assignment are:
To produce an up-to-date situation analyses on the engagement of the
civil society and media in governance in the Republic of Armenia; To
develop a Terms of Reference on the basis of the situation analyses
and recommendations of the Delegation which will be used for the
procurement of the envisaged project.