26 June, 2012

YEREVAN, JUNE 26, ARMENPRESS: The hospital of famous Armenian
benefactor Michael Aramyants is being reconstructed becoming modern
and technically equipped medical institution. Adviser of Georgian
President Van Bayburd told Armenpress that the noise on demolition
of the hospital is unfounded.

"The building was already old and was destroying. For a long time
there lived refuges from Abkhazia. The old building which was already
destroying could not be kept" mentioned Bayburd. In his words in the
territory of the hospital there are 20 buildings and only 2 of them
had been built by Armenian Aramyants. The rest though had been built
later but also are destroyed. To the question whether the newly built
hospital will be after Aramyants Bayburd noticed that regardless from
official name everyone beginning with ordinary citizen and ending
with minister or President say "Hospital of Aramyants".

Bayburd informed that during one of the consultations in municipality
of Tbilisi there had been sounded opinion that the hospital must
officially be after Aramyants, but they realized that it is more
important that the name is acceptable by the nation. "What can be
better? The name of Aramyants already exists; it leaves by its works.

I can only say one thing: On the place of the old hospital is being
built a new one" mentioned he.

Specialist on monuments Samvel Karapetyan told Armenpress that during
the last years in Georgia mostly inhabited houses have been destroyed.

In Havlabar district buildings are destroyed one after another. In
many cases in such way they were trying to get rid of Armenian traces.

"I have not seen the hospital of Aramyants but I know that it had great
importance and it must have some architectural meaning. It can not be
"morally worn-out" mentioned Karapetyan.

There are many buildings in Tbilisi built be Armenians. Inhabited
buildings exist since the middles of 19th century, religious buildings
are older. They have been restored for many times over the centuries.

Many buildings were founded in middle ages. There is no a monolithic
work telling about Armenian monuments in Georgia.