June 25 2012

Strasbourg. Fuad Gulubayli-APA. On the first day of the PACE Summer
Session delegations delivered speeches in open discussions on
democracy, human rights and other issues in European states.

Azerbaijani representative at the discussions Rafael Huseynov responded
groundless claims of Armenian representatives Naira Zohrabian and David
Oranian. Armenian representatives blamed Azerbaijan for violations of
ceasefire and criticized revival of Nagorno Karabakh sub-committee,
APA reports.

As a response to groundless claims of Armenian delegation, Rafael
Huseynov unmasked problems of the Armenian government's internal and
foreign policy.

"Recent processes in the South Caucasus region became serious threat
for peace and security in Europe and it needs urgent measures by
the Assembly. What does main threat consist of? Armenia, invading
near 20 % territory of Azerbaijan with the help of external forces
and keeping these lands under control around 20 years, recent months
regularly violated ceasefire. Peaceful solution of Nagorno Karabakh
Problem is one of the main European Council commitments of Armenia
as well as commitment of Azerbaijan undergone occupation

Regular violation of ceasefire and unmasked war intentions of Armenia
shows once again that Armenia is far away from the idea of peaceful
solution of the problem", said Rafael Huseynov.

Azerbaijani Parliamentarian also noted that Armenia is under economic
crisis and total state budget of Armenia is less than defense expenses
of Azerbaijan. Rafael Huseynov said that Armenia also faces demographic
decay. As a result of massive emigration from Armenia the population of
the country decreased more than 2 times. Now population of Azerbaijan
is 4 times more than Armenian population.

"Neither Armenian, nor Azerbaijani people, neither region nor
democratic Europe need this war. But who needs this war? Let's think
about it and don't forget that war threat is extremely real. Be
watchful", said Azerbaijani parliamentarian.

He noted that Armenian government is the only interested side that
wants war relying on and hoping for external forces. Rafael Huseynov
stated that Armenia cannot be compared with any other European country
for its foreign bases inside the country.

After the speech of Azerbaijani representative, the President of
the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Jean-Claude
Mignon noted that functioning of Nagorno Karabakh subcommittee is not
stopped and they are seriously engaged in to intensify functioning of
the subcommittee. According to him, heads of Azerbaijani and Armenian
delegations will be invited for the discussions and the sub-committee
will be on the agenda of the bureau in order to integrate it into
efficient body.

From: Baghdasarian