June 26, 2012 | 20:47

YEREVAN. - Disputes over Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP), whether it
is an opposition or not, are artificial, opposition Armenian National
Congress (ANC) leader, Armenia's First President Levon Ter-Petrosyan
said at the rally in the Yerevan city Liberty Square on Tuesday.

"Obviously Armenia faces quite a new situation following the new
Parliament formation and discussions of the Government program. Hardly
will anyone doubt that it was due to opposition powers, including
the ANC, PAP, ARF Dashnaktsutyun and Heritage," Ter-Petrosyan claimed.

Two tricks are used to bring down the intensity of the opposition
in the eyes of society. Firstly, via PAP's every action Armenia's
second president Robert Kocharyan is accounted and the threat of
his return discussed. Secondly, claims are voiced that the PAP is
not a real opposition, as failed to implement necessary statements
set by regulations. Being an opposition is proven by real actions,
regardless of anyone's statements.

On the other hands, the PAP's claims on being an alternative to
the authorities are not so successful. Ter-Petrosyan believes that
transforming into a real opposition will confirm PAP's further

To note, due to May 6 elections six political powers entered new
Parliament, including Republican Party of Armenia (69 seats), PAP (37),
ANC (7), Orinats Yerkir (6), ARFD (5) and Heritage (5). The PAP has
declared that it does not join ruling coalition as does not consider
it useful. However, it did not declare about being an opposition as
did Heritage, ANC and ARFD during the first session of the Parliament.

From: Baghdasarian