June 1. Impaired protection of children with disabilities

2013-06-01 19:26:24

Today is International Children' Day. 8,000 children with disabilities
live next to us, but, unfortunately, they have a lot of problems in
this country that seem to fall into oblivion.

"Basically, the widespread lack of access does not allow children to
perfect their rights. From pre-school, school age, they are deprived
of the opportunity to become a full-fledged member of society. Many
children have no access to education in their community. And for the
solution of the problems it is necessary to start with the communities
where there should be centers for the development and support of
children, which will always be next to the children and their
families. In Armenia, there are very few centers, but not in all
regions, they are, in this case the families are more vulnerable." In
a conversation with the reporter of Lurer.com responsible member of
the organization "Bridge of Hope" Zarui Batoyan said.

According to the latter, children with disabilities are almost never
seen on the streets, it is a proof that they are excluded from
society, they are apart, spend their time mostly at home or in an

"Every day we call upon the city authorities for help. First, we need
widespread availability, and it's not just about ramps. When we
renovate kindergartens, schools, we must remember that they are also
for children with disabilities. We have to remember that these
children should enjoy and play areas, and vehicles, and so forth,"
Batoyan said.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress