Solidarity from Armenia to Istanbul protesters

Sunday, June 2, 02:32

Armenian civic activists issued a statement in support of the
defenders of `green' Taksim on the page of Facebook. `The recent news
coming from Taksim Square, Istanbul, is worrying. We, Armenian civic
activists, express our support and solidarity to all those activists
fighting for human rights and democratization processes in Turkey. We
condemn the use of force against peaceful demonstrators, which has
resulted deaths, dozens of injuries and the detention of hundreds.

There is no alternative to democracy. Human rights have no borders. We
call for the respect of the basic rights of citizens to hold peaceful
demonstrations. We simultaneously demand that the issue be properly
investigated by the Council of Europe and other international

We are sure that our generation in Armenia, in Turkey, and in other
countries will be able to build democratic societies which will
endorse regional and global, dynamic and equal human development. We
are for the human rights struggle', said in the statement.

From: A. Papazian