PM's statement on Customs Union membership does not mean Armenia has
chosen Russia - expert

11:08 - 02.06.13

The statement of the Armenian PM Tigran Sargsyan made at the meeting
with his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev that Armenia's position
is clear in Customs Union membership issue with just mechanical issues
having remained, does not mean anything, expert Armen Badalyan said
speaking to

The political and election technology expert says Armenia will
continue telling `yes' to the both parties [EU and Russia] until one
fine day they both will learn that they have been deceived, he said,
adding `till that if the West demands answer Armenia will say that it
is for the Association Agreement, while if Russia demands they will
say that they did not understand it right they meant becoming Customs
Union member.'

Paper Haykakan Zhamanak writes that about a year ago PM Tigran
Sargsyan referring to the Customs Union and said, `There is no example
in world practice when a country becomes a member of Union it does not
have common border with. It will be of no use to become member of such
union as it means that the producers while exporting and importing
their products will have to pass customs clearance procedure through a
third country.'

Asked who of the parties will finally understand that it has been
cheated, Badalyan said, `It depends on which party will exert more
pressure on Serzh Sargsyan.'

Speaking about the behavior of official Yerevan, he said that this
statement once again showed the main principle of the Armenian
authorities - say `no' to the people's demand, say `yes' to each
demand of geopolitical centers.
`Not having legitimacy, Armenia's president is trying to solve the
issue by saying `yes' to both the West and Russia,' he said.

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