June 1, 2013 Saturday

Armenia,Russian Federation : YEREVAN: President met Head of the
RUSSIAN RAILWAYS to expand teamwork

The office of the Armenian President has revealed that President Serzh
Sargsyan has welcomed the President of Russian Railways OJSC -
Vladimir Yakunin on Tuesday.

The Armenian President has stated that they are willing to reinforce
and augment the strategic relationship involving Armenia-Russia
without fail, and added that one of the vital elements of the bonds
amid the two nations is the teamwork in the transportation sector.

Serzh Sargsyan has further said that the current collaboration with
the Russian Railways is very much related to this.
The Head of State has expressed his gratitude to Vladimir Yakunin for
productive and rewarding work, and also mentioned on his personal
input to develop the Armenian infrastructures concerning transport

On his part, Vladimir Yakunin has wished Serzh Sargsyan all successes
on the occasion of Republic Day of the country. He has updated Serzh
Sargsyan on in-progress and finished projects to renovate and advance
the Armenian railway. He has also revealed that there has been
commissioning of a rolling stock maintenance facility and a locomotive
depot in Gyumri in early part of Tuesday, which is likely to offer job
opportunities for the locals. The Premier Tigran Sargsyan and other
senior officials were present at the launch ceremony of the new site.

During the launch occasion, the Armenian President and Vladimir
Yakunin had also made discussions on the matters connected to the
present position of the Armenian railway, its growth potentials, and
the fulfillment of the pledges made by Russian Railways OJSC as per
the concession contract.

South Caucasus Railways, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Russian
Railways, is the operator of the Armenian Railway.
The arm of Russian Railways won the 30-year concession management
contract, with a right to extend the management term for an additional
phase of 10 years, from Armenian Railways on February 13, 2008.