Russian expert says Kremlin content with Karabakh status quo

21:14 - 15.06.13

Russia's somewhat passive stance on the continuing status quo over
Nagorno-Karabakh is apparently explained by the Kremlin's content with
the current situation, according to Igor Dmitriev, a prominent Russian
analyst and political commentator.

In an interview with, the expert said that he doesn't think
any other decision would satisfy Russia in the present circumstances.

`I think the Kremlin, in general, is content with the current
situation, with Russia being a key mediator in the Karabakh conflict
settlement talks as a co-chairing country of the OSCE Minsk Group. No
decision on the question will leave either of the conflicting sides
satisfied at the current stage,' he said.

Dmitriev added that in case of a new war in the region, Russia will
undertake Armenia's protection in pursuance to its commitments under a
2010 agreement on the Russian military base on Armenia's territory and
the amendments to a 1995 bilateral deal.

Asked whether he thinks a resolution possible in the foreseeable
future, the Russian analyst said that the scenario is absolutely
likely in the light over the recent exacerbations around Iran.

`The western position on Nagorno-Karabakh - particularly by the United
States and Turkey - has become clearer over the recent period; they
are asking Armenia to make unilateral concessions. Secretary of State
John Kerry said the US is not satisfied with the status quo. In return
for giving up ambitions for Karabakh, Armenia is offered an
elimination of the economic blockade by Turkey, a quite attractive
plan for Yerevan. And the West too, will strengthen its influence in
the South Caucasus region in that case, which is strictly necessary in
the context of a possible launch of attack against Iran,' he

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