MetroNews Canada
June 29 2014

Citizenship ceremonies on Canada Day highlights our nation's proud
history of immigration

When John and Maria Cherneski arrived in Canada in 1903, little did
they know the legacy they were eventually to create. As they travelled
across the ocean in the bowels of the SS Armenia, they certainly had
high hopes for their new country -- and the family they knew would soon

Their story is likely very familiar to the many first, second and
third generations of Canadians. But for this third-generation
Ukrainian, the story of my great-grandparents is as vivid and
memorable as a bestseller.

The history and background of the Cherneski family is similar to the
history of many of the early immigrants from Ukraine at the turn of
the century. At that time, Western Canada was neither settled nor
developed. In fact, the provinces were not even designated.