AzerNe4ws, Azerbaijan
March 25 2004

EU sets S Caucasus in its sights

The European Union (EU) plans to extend its borders as far as the
South Caucasus, Heike Talvitie, the EU special envoy on South
Caucasus, told a Friday meeting held at the permanent parliamentary
commission on human rights.

Talvitie said that the EU was interested not only in the settlement
of the conflicts in the South Caucasus, but also in establishing an
alliance with regional countries. He noted that a special project was
being developed to admit Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia to the EU.
The dates and conditions for admission of the three countries will be
made after the project is developed.

Underlining that he is leaving Baku for Yerevan, the EU special envoy
stressed that he would do his utmost to settle the Upper Garabagh
conflict and take advantage of all the opportunities to bring peace
between the conflicting sides.