Azeri pressure group demands explanation from US envoy to Armenia

Assa-Irada, Baku
1 Mar 05

28 February: The Karabakh Liberation Organization [KLO] appealed
to US ambassador to Azerbaijan Reno Harnish today. The appeal says
that the KLO is concerned about the USA's indifferent position on the
Karabakh problem compared with other conflicts, the fact that it sees
no difference between Azerbaijan which was subjected to aggression
and the aggressor Armenia and its balanced policy which does not
reflect the reality [as published].

The appeal described as unseen a statement by US ambassador to Armenia
John Evans that "Karabakh cannot be given away to Azerbaijan" and
demanded an explanation.

"We demand an immediate explanation. The KLO will start regular
protests outside the US embassy if the above fact is confirmed,"
the appeal said.

At the end, the statement said that "if the position of the US
ambassador to Armenia is the position of the USA, then there is no
need for your embassy in Azerbaijan.