AzerTag, Azerbaijan
March 1 2005

[March 01, 2005, 15:01:30]

On February 28, the Department of State of the United States of America
has issued its annual report (the 28th) on human rights protection,
the Washington-based correspondent of AzerTAj said. The Report contains
facts and figures on human rights protection in 196 world countries.

In the preface, the Secretary of State Condeleezza Rice states that
another report to be issued shortly will deal with the steps of the US
Government to support human rights over the numerous world countries.

In the part related to Azerbaijan, the Department of State informs
on resettlement of the Armenian emigrants who came from Near East
and other regions of world in the occupied Nagorno-Karabakh region of
Azerbaijan and surrounding areas. It is also stated that the Government
of Azerbaijan has addressed on the matter to the UN and the Council of
Europe, and the OSCE fact-finding mission is engaged in the question.

In the Report of the State Department, it is underlined that the
Armenian forces continue to keep under occupation Nagorno-Karabakh
and adjoining areas. The government of Azerbaijan does not control
these territories, and to receive information on state of affairs
with human rights, therefore, is not possible. Last year, as a result
of infringement by Armenia of the ceasefire regime, were lost six
Azerbaijanis - civilians and militaries.

In the Report, the US Administration, positively regarding signing
by the Head of the Azerbaijan State of some decrees on pardoning,
welcomes continuation by the government of Azerbaijan of the programs
directed on development of market economy. It is informed that the
last year, economic growth on the country has exceeded 10 percent,
the level of poverty was reduced, unemployment among the population
changes within the limits of 15-20 percent.

According to the American legislation, the said Report prepared
by the Bureau of the State Department on democracy, human rights
and labor affairs, will be submitted to the chairman of the House
of Representatives in Congress and External Relations Committee of
the Senate. The Report together with some other documents will be
used for definition of the state policy, directions of diplomacy,
allocation of the assistance to the countries and in other purposes.