March 2, 2005
Embassy of the Republic of Armenia
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Conference on Armenian Literature and Identity to be Held in Yerevan in
October 2005

The Government of Armenia is organizing a series of celebratory events in
2005 and 2006 dedicated to the 1600th anniversary of the invention of
Armenian alphabet by St. Mesrop Mashtots, to promote the Armenian language
and literature and raise awareness of the Armenian culture globally.

In October 2005, a conference on the Armenian Identity and Literature will
be held in Yerevan, as part of the Holy Translators Festival. The conference
is open to participation by all Armenian writers, including Armenian authors
living in foreign countries whose works are in a language other than
Armenian. Translators of Armenian authors and publishers are also encouraged
to attend.

Writers, translators, and publishers interested in attending the conference
in Yerevan, or any other event in connection with the 1600th anniversary of
the Armenian Alphabet should contact the Embassy of Armenia at 202-319-1976
or [email protected]

The Embassy of Armenia will provide a program of celebratory events upon