01 April 05

The National Library of Armenia organized "The Symphony of Eternity"
arrangement yesterday dedicated to the 125th anniversary of Martiros
Sarian and 85th anniversary of his son, composer Ghazaros Sarian. Two
halls of the Library represented albums, monographs, books, pictures
as well as more than a dozen of new publications from the Diaspora
concerning the Sarians' life and works. Words of gratitude and
recollections emphasized once again the importance of the Sarian
family in the Armenian culture.

Yervand Qochar wrote about Martiros Sarian: "Sarian is a bright sun in
the sky of Armenian art".

Composer Ghazaros Sarian, famous for his "Armenia" symphony, headed
the State Conservatoire after Komitas for 26 years and was one of
those who promoted the music of his time far beyond the borders of
Armenia. Great friendship of Edvard Mirzoyan, Alexander Harutyunian,
Arno Babajanian, Adam Ghudoyan and Ghazaros Sarian was, as Dombayev
put it, a new style in music. "Ghazaros Sarian was extraordinarily
moral, and his ethics spread out in his music. The tunes of his music
are as calm, clean and attractive as his personality was", writer and
painter Vanik Santrian says.

The widow of Ghazaros Sarian, Arax Sarian, says that the composer
tended to the great art being influenced by his great father.

By Gohar Gevorgian