Regnum, Russia
March 14 2006

Participation of Nagorno Karabakh in negotiations over Karabakh
conflict depends not only on Nagorno Karabakh itself, but also on
Azerbaijan. In current situations, participation of Armenia will give
higher status to the negotiations, stated the head of the Republican
Faction of Armenia Galust Saakyan at a news conference on March 14,
informs a REGNUM correspondent.

He said that the people of Nagorno Karabakh must state their position
regarding the conflict settlement. In his turn, his main opponent,
head of the recently established the National Revival Party Albert
Bazeyan noted, that "Robert Kocharyan replaced Nagorno Karabakh by
himself, so now, the sides have no contact points regarding Nagorno
Karabakh conflict settlement, because it is impossible without Nagorno
Karabakh itself."

Speaking about Armenian President's statement on possibility of Nagorno
Karabakh recognition in case of negotiations failure, Bazeyan noted
that this statement "contains danger, and was premature." He said that
destructive approach must be demonstrated only by Azerbaijan that does
not wish to negotiate with Nagorno Karabakh and thus recognize its
government. He also noted that the conflict "stands still", so the
side, that will more effectively settle its domestic problems, will
win. Both politics denied the possibility of warfare recommencement,
because "such conflicts are only settled by diplomatic measures."