14.03.2006 16:48

YEREVAN (YERKIR) - A conference organized by the Armenian Revolutionary
Federation's (ARF) Nikol Aghbalian Student (NASU) Union on Tuesday,
adopted a resolution calling for the denunciation of the Moscow and
Kars Treaties of 1921.

In his opening remarks, Ishkhan Zakarian, NASU president, said the
Moscow Treaty signed between the Soviet Union and Turkey goes against
the international law and was signed without the participation of
the Armenian people whose fate it was to decide.

He reminded that the Union staged a rally in 1991 outside the Armenian
Supreme Council with a demand to denounce the 1921 Moscow Treaty but
because of the consequent developments no decision was made.

"We the student unions should study the issue and establish that
the treaty is not fair and state that it is not acceptable to us,
especially now that Azerbaijan is talking about territorial integrity
seeing Nakhijevan as its part," Zakarian said. "We should remind our
neighbor that Nakhijevan was never a part of Azerbaijan and was put
under its control only due to the Moscow and Kars Treaties."

Speaking at the conference, historian Ghazakhetsian said that the
minutes of the talks preceding the signing of the treaties indicate
there actually were no negotiations. It was a political bazaar, he
said, everything was already decided by the Politburo led by Lenin
and Stalin.

Lawyer Aslanian, in turn, said that under the international law the
treaties had no legal force from the very first day of its signing
and go against the fundamental norms of the international law.

At the end of the conference the participants adopted a resolution
calling on the Armenian Foreign Ministry to make a statement that
those treaties are unacceptable to Armenia. A copy of the resolution
was also sent to the National Assembly. The conference participants
expressed hope that the issue will be included in the NA agenda and
the treaties will be denounced soon.