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Irving, TX - ARMENPAC Board Member Jirair Hovnanian recently
met with newly appointed United States Senator Robert Menendez
(D-NJ) to congratulate and wish him well, on behalf of the entire
Armenian-American community, in his new position. "Mr. Menendez
continually supported Armenian-American issues as a member of the
Armenian Caucus and the International Relations Committee in the
House of Representatives, and I am confident that he will continue to
do so as a member of the Senate," said ARMENPAC Board Member Jirair
Hovnanian. "ARMENPAC applauds Mr. Menendez, who was also a member of
the Hispanic Caucus in the House of Representatives, for his friendship
and advocacy on behalf of all minority communities." Currently,
ARMENPAC is working to form an alliance between the Armenian and
Hispanic Caucuses to garner increased Congressional support of each
community's issues.

Mr. Menendez was a co-sponsor of the resolution affirming the
United States record on the Armenian Genocide (H.Res.316), as
well as the South Caucus Integration and Railroads Act of 2006
(H.R.336), in the House of Representatives. "ARMENPAC is working to
secure Senator Menendez's co-sponsorship of S.Res.320, the Armenian
Genocide resolution in the Senate, and appreciates his pass support
of Armenian-American issues," said ARMENPAC Co-Chairs Annie Totah
and Edgar Hagopian.

H.Res.316 and S.Res.320 call upon the President "to ensure that
United States foreign policy reflects appropriate understanding
and sensitivity concerning issues related to human rights, ethnic
cleansing, and genocide documented in the United States record
relating to the Armenian Genocide and the consequences of the failure
to realize a just resolution; and in the President's annual message
commemorating the Armenian Genocide to characterize the systematic
and deliberate annihilation of 1.5 million Armenians as genocide,
and to recall the proud history of Untied States intervention in
opposition to the Armenian Genocide."

H.R.3361 prohibits United States assistance to develop or promote
rail connections or railway-related connections that do not traverse
or connect with Armenia, and do traverse or connect Baku, Azerbaijan;
Tbilisi, Georgia; and Kars, Turkey. This important measure, therefore,
disallows United States support for the proposed Kars-Tblisi-Baku
rail link, which isolates the Republic of Armenia from East-West
commercial corridors.

ARMENPAC is an independent, bipartisan political action committee
with a nationwide membership. ARMENPAC raises awareness of,
and advocates for, policies that help create peace, security and
stability in the Caucasus region. ARMENPAC provides financial support
to federal officeholders, candidates, political action committees
and organizations that actively support issues of importance to
Armenian-Americans. For more information and how to join ARMENPAC,
please call (877) 286-1046 or visit