Assa-Irada, Azerbaijan
March 14 2006

Baku, March 13, AssA-Irada
Armenian representatives have not been invited to an event of the
European security body in Baku that is expected to draw over 100
visitors from a number of countries.

The international conference being held by the OSCE member states as
part of the preparations for the organization's 14th economic forum
will focus on averting risks in the area of transport security.

Although it was earlier reported that an Armenian delegation was
invited to the discussions, the OSCE office in Baku did not confirm
the reports. Its spokesman Ulvi Akhundlu told AssA-Irada that such
an event is taking place in the Azeri capital for the first time and
is open for attendance by all OSCE member states.

"No special invitation has been sent to Armenian representatives or
preparations made for Armenia representatives' visit."

Akhundlu noted that the OSCE office is not planning to be utterly
disturbed over Armenians' visa-related problems and security issues.

"Armenia too is an OSCE member state, and the event is open for its
representatives, just like those of other countries. It is up to
Armenians whether to come or not."

The mentioned OSCE forum is due in Prague in May, Akhundlu added.

The hard-line Garabagh Liberation Organization (GLO) warned it would
not allow for Armenians to attend the event.

"If the OSCE tries to bring in Armenians to Baku, we will impede this
and disrupt the conference," its chairman Akif Naghi said. He added
that GLO will stick to its tough stance, considering Armenia has
failed to take any steps to normalize its relations with Azerbaijan.