30 March 06

The split within the Society of People with Hearing Problems in Armenia
is going on. Moreover, new interesting processes are outlining, which
may also have a home political context. On March 30 Parthev Muradyan,
member of the civic action group of the Society of People with Hearing
Problems, the leader of the so-called opposition of the Society, told
news reporters about this processes at the Pastark Club. He is not a
member of the society any more, he was dismissed several months ago,
but leads the movement of the society members against the present
leadership of the Society of People with Hearing Problems, namely,
President Jora Varagyan and his supporters.

Parthev Muradyan and the oppositionists of the Society complain that
Jora Varagyan has dissipated the property and money of the Society,
and is still doing. "Instead of operating the enterprises belonging to
people with hearing problems Jora Varagyan sold them, thus depriving
them of the possibility to work," says Parthev Muradyan. His supporters
say soon they will have to beg. It is not only a social problem but
also a criminal one. Parthev Muradyan says there is enough evidence
on illegal sale of the property of the society and appropriation of
the money by Jora Varagyan.

A criminal action was suited, however, Parthev Muradyan and his
supporters are dissatisfied with the investigation. Parthev Muradyan
says Gharakhanyan, who investigates the case, concludes that there is
no criminal element in the activity of the president of the Society
Varagyan. On March 30 he and his supporters sent a letter to the
Head Public Prosecutor of Armenia, expressing concern about the
investigation, the possibility that Varagyan will not be punished,
and calling for the Head Public Prosecutor's personal assistance in
the investigation and punishment of the guilty. A similar letter will
be addressed to the president of Armenia.

Parthev Muradyan does not dare say if the standpoint of the Office
of Public Prosecutor is biased. But Muradyan hints that one of the
reasons of the dissatisfaction of the oppositionist people with hearing
problems can be suspicions about partiality. The oppositionist movement
led by Parthev Muradyan assures that they will not give up even under
threat. By the way, in fact, there are threats. Parthev Muradyan
announced that the present president of the Society of People with
Hearing Problems threatens the oppositionist members of the society
with assault, even murder.

"We are well aware of these threats. But I announce that if anyone of
us suffered, they would get a due counterblow from where they would
have never expected," Parthev Muradyan defends himself, announcing,
however, that they rely on themselves only.

Parthev Muradyan does not mention either who Jora Varagyan and his
supporters rely on, but he directly points to the direction where the
answer to the question could be found. "I did not tell anything before,
now I say that in the parliamentary election in 2003 Jora Varagyan
supported the Armenian Revolutionary Federation. Think on the rest
yourselves," says Parthev Muradyan. He said he had a video of Jora
Avagyan, asking one of the leaders of ARF in Los Angeles to donate 200
thousand dollars to the Society. "Then he was told that if he wanted
the money for the Society he should ask for 1 million 200 thousand
instead of 200 thousand. And he was refused," said Parthev Muradyan.

Parthev Muradyan decided that the way out is to open a new organization
of people with hearing problems. They are going to establish a new
society of people with hearing problems, temporarily referred to as
"the Armenian Alliance of People with Hearing Problems." The logo of
the alliance is the well-known gesture, meaning OK. Parthev Muradyan
says the Americans have derived this gestures from people who cannot

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress