30 March 06

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nagorno Karabakh issued a statement
March 29 on the violation of the ceasefire at the Armenia-Azerbaijan
frontline, which forces the personal representative of the OSCE
Chairman-in-Office Andrzej Kasprzyk to stop the monitoring of
the front line. The ceasefire was violated by the Azerbaijanis,
who started shooting at the positions of the NKR Defense Army near
Seysulan, Martakert region, while the monitoring of the front line
was conducted. Considering the other facts of bombing the positions
of the NKR armed forces in different periods, the NKR Ministry
of Foreign Affairs "finds it important to announce that these
incidents are the consequences of the militaristic word stock of the
Azerbaijani government, which is not evaluated duly by the interested
states and organizations," runs the statement of the NKR MFA. The
foreign ministry notes that the effort of the mediators to put the
responsibility for the violation of the ceasefire equally on all the
parties, creates a precondition for Azerbaijan to remain unpunished,
which is unacceptable. "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces
with regard to this that connivance with the conflict parties can
distort the balance and destabilize the entire South Caucasus,"
is mentioned in the March 29 statement of the NKR foreign ministry.