12:16 30/03/06

The first session of the newly elected City Council has been held in
Russian Kislovodsk city during which the management of the body was
formed. As the newspaper of the Armenian Union in Russia "Yerkramas"
informs the manager of the local medical collage N. Chapligin was
elected president of Kislovodsk City Council. And one of his three
deputies is the head of "Uyut" shoes producing enterprise Pavel

To remind, besides the latter there are five more Armenians in the
City Council of Kislovodsk. To note, Kislovodsk is one of Russian
southern cities where there is an Armenian community formed ling ago.

By the way, it is also worth mentioning that another Armenian
representative, Albert Hovsepyan, was elected Deputy of the Chairman
of Abkhazian Parliament.