Armenia police clash with protesters, at least one dead

Reuters, UK
March 1 2008

YEREVAN (Reuters) - At least one person died and many others were
injured on Saturday evening after Armenian police fired tracer
bullets to break up opposition protests in the capital, an opposition
demonstrator said.

"He was killed by a tracer bullet which must have ricocheted as
police were shooting in the air to disperse an opposition rally being
held nearby," the opposition activist told Reuters on condition of
anonymity. "We know of many wounded people."

"The opposition is still controlling the square near the mayor's
office," he added. He said there are Italian, French and Russian
embassies nearby. "The man who was killed died near the Russian

(Reporting by Dmitry Solovyov in Moscow, writing by Michael Stott in
Moscow; editing by Keith Weir)