03-03-2008 13:53:34

Terry Davis, Secretary General of CoE, is worried by the evens in
Armenia and condemns the crackdown on the demonstrators. He said he
was also troubled that the presidential candidate, the first president
of Armenia is under house arrest. He said Levon Ter-Petrosyan should
be released immediately. He said if he is accused of a crime, the
accusations should be put up in accordance with the law, and in a
democratic country there cannot be willful detention of political
opponents, the secretary general stated, Arminfo reports.

The CiO of the OSCE, foreign minister of Finland Ilkka Kanerva
condemned violence on peaceful demonstrators on March 1 in Yerevan. He
called the government for maximum restraint and release of the

The security force dispersed the meeting of opposition on March 1,
7 am local time, which lasted for ten days on the Square of Freedom.

Nevertheless, by midday people gathered near the embassy of France
and Armenia.