Russia Today
March 2 2008

Troops and armored vehicles are now patrolling the main streets of
Armenia's capital, Yerevan, following violent riots which claimed
eight lives. More than 100 people were injured. A 20-day state of
emergency has now been imposed.

Earlier in the day General Colonel Seyran Oganyan, a Chief of staff
of the Armenian Armed Forces, addressed the nation with a call to
observe the state of emergency.

"I discourage everybody from trying to bypass the restrictions
imposed by the state of emergency. Please be disciplined and
comply with the steps the army is taking to implement the state of
emergency. Particularly I would like to ask people to refrain from
gathering in Yerevan even in small groups. When even the slightest
suspicion the army will take action against such groups as prescribed
by the law and the constitution. The army will make sure the state
of emergency rules are observed," proclaimed Seyran Oganyan.

The army is out in force throughout the center of Yerevan, there is
really a reign of steel around the main square where the violence
took place. There are thousands of men in uniform accompanied by IFVs.

Evidence of the destruction and carnage is clearly visible: there are
burnt down cars across the roads through all the centre of Armenian

The overall atmosphere is extremely nervous. All media have been
closed and it's very difficult to get any information.